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INTRODUCTION, designer, Widianto UTOMO

introduction Widianto UTOMO (GO) (b 1972) is a multi-talents designer born as third generation of overseas Chinese migrant. His interest in drawing has been shown from very early age by drawing on his parents’ bedroom wall.

His east and western style educational background and his intensive travel due to his studies, work related, curiousity and passion for travelling, sense of discovering makes his design unique and culturally rich. It is uniquely passionate and ingenuity design with European delicate-minimalist art touch and design harmoniously blend with ingenuity yet colourful Asian beauty and heritage accent.

He is proud that some of designs as result of collaboration with Italian artisans have borne “Made in Italy”” products label (Venice 2007, Sora 2011) and he will continuously collaborate with highly qualify artisans around the world to show his deep passion of art and design, yet sense of care and awareness of local culture and artisan.

His current project,” Haute couture design”, will intensively collaborate with artisan in Europe, and the world, in Europe especially in Italy, to create high couture functional art and design product. His works: drawings, photography, design a thought/ idea have been exhibited and published in Italy, France, Indonesia, Australia, China, Puerto Rico and Japan.One of his projects with Fellissimo/Unesco has become permanent collection of Kobe Museum in Japan.

His goal, his design can be enjoyed and can give benefit for more and more people who genuinely love and appreciate art and design as part of their lifestyles.

Widianto Utomo has been working/designing as concept designer ranging from furniture, lighting, daily lifestyle products, watch, fashion, jewellery known as body wear, home, lifestyle design.

The Signature by CORIUTOMO ™ CORIUTOMO ™ Coriutomo is creative design partnership between talented Italian born artist Massimiliano Cori (b.1972) and designer Widianto Utomo (b.1972). Together they share their good friendship, brotherhood, and their passion for art, beauty, design, and travel to create a desirable design and new lifestyle statement.

The signature by coriutomo= coriutomo= Massimiliano CORI and Widianto UTOMO= art+ design.

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