The business challenges of design

BODW 2017 will see some of the most influential thought leaders in the business of design share their fascinating insights with audiences, with an impressive lineup of experts. Masters speaking at this year’s edition include Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas (Studio Fuksas); Professor Jacques Herzog (Herzog & de Meuron); Alberto Meda (Alberto Meda Design); Sou Fujimoto (Sou Fujimoto Architects Inc.); artist Edoardo Tresoldi; Mitja Borkert (Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A.); Oscar Farinetti (Eataly); Rocco Yim (Rocco Design Architects Ltd), and many more.

Continue its legacy as a platform for interaction with the global design community and world-renowned design masters, BODW 2017 will include insightful new sessions on Heritage & Design capturing family entrepreneurship and traditions, and Cultivating a Future Mindset - Creative Leadership and a masterclass by iconic architect and designer Michele De Lucchi, each representing BODW’s legacy of celebrating design thinking and fostering good design.

Speakers of Heritage & Design will discuss the power of design to transform traditional business models, and with a rich legacy of businesses that have been passed down through generations, to apply design thinking to revitalise and continue to grow their own enterprises. Anchored by a string of leading creative minds whose works built on family or cultural legacy, including master luthier Lapo Vettori , a third-generation luthier and the youngest member of the Commission of Professional Italian Violin Makers, and Giulio Vinaccia , a prolific product designer for leading Italian brands and a globally recognised expert in social design who now works full-time for UNIDO and other UN agencies. Also  Jacopo Foggini (Galleria Jacopo Foggini), an artist who discovered the versatile nature of methacrylate and invented a machine to melt it and hand-mould it into luminous, large-scale artworks.

Apart from heritage, fashion also meets lots of challenges. Conceived with a holistic approach that embraces the entire fashion ecosystem, the “Fashion Challenges” Forum brings together brand executives, designers, conscious entrepreneurs, image makers, merchandisers, buyers, marketers, strategists and creative leaders from various fields to provide actionable insights and innovative ideas for businesses as they navigate fashion’s ever-changing landscape.

4-9 Dec ,2017

5-12 Dec, 2017

Abu Dhabi by Edoardo Tresoldi
© Roberto Conte, Archetype

Paris 2004 (Veronica Coduri) by Jacopo Foggini
© Veronica CoduriSpirula Spirula, 

Vettori Family