HKYDTA welcomes 17 young design talents to the club

December is a celebratory season indeed. Over a dozen young design practitioners and graduates are about to receive their trophies on stage like redeeming their boarding pass to travel abroad for a six-to-twelve-month work attachment or study. The 2017 cohort of the DFA Hong Kong Young Design Talent Award (DFA HKYDTA) winners, although from various disciplines, share similar concerns and rationale in their design practices. 

Sustainability is not just for environmentalists and those leading a green living; it serves as a backbone to four winners, Sam FU, Terry LAW, Dennis CHEUNG and Wing Chun CHENG. Terry works on developing  sustainable patchwork homewares using the piles of fabric samples collected while Sam is an event-based and sustainability-oriented interior designer. Dennis, the designer of “Butterply Desks Series” and “Timber Scooper”, promotes the use of sustainable material and design. Wing Chun is a team member of Wheel Thing Makers and has initiated Gaau1 Up. The former creates bike-liked objects with recycled wheels as a means of innovation and community education while the latter aims to upcycle plastic found locally to produce furniture and partitions.

Other winners like Niko LEUNG and Joshua NG are fond of craftsmanship in their design creation of objects and food respectively. More information on winners can be found on DFA HKYDTA website. Coming to its 13th edition, a new directory is launched so that  the personal particular of the alumni would be accessible to the public by the search function (

Timber Scooper by Dennis Cheung

made in sample by Terry Law and Sam Fu (co-owners)

Project: Wheel Thing Makers  - Wingchun Cheng (Team-member)