Good Life. Good Design.

Design stems from the desire and experience of the designers, and the livelihood of the designers reflects their inspiration, background and personality. 20 local design units across various generations and sectors are invited to participate in the Good Life. Good Design Exhibition. With the items frequently used by these designers, audience can understand their opinion on good design and have a glimpse of the world of design.

Among the exhibits, some align with the creative and aesthetic ideas of the designer. For example, Alan Chan, winner of the 2017 DFA World’s Outstanding Chinese Designer, has selected his Olympus 0 Product 35mm Camera, which cleverly transforms the nostalgic flash light to a futuristic product, as in the same way his design company integrating traditional culture with modern arts. Internationally award-winning fashion designer Lu Lu Cheung’s flower-shaped crystal vase is as simple and elegant as her clothing design.

Some exhibits are reflection of the personal growth and habits. The emerging illustrationist Kila Cheung displays his collection of a Japanese manga. He is moved and affected deeply by its fiery-spirited plot about wheelchair basketball. Nintendo Classic Family Computer has accompanied Stanley Siu, the multidisciplinary architect, for more than thirty years. The design of the game is easy but inspiring. The durability and long lasting charm of architecture also works similarly. The new DFA Hong Kong Young Design Talent Award winner Niko Leung is strongly influenced by her parents, who always make the best use of everything. The exhibits, raincoat and exhaust hood, are examples of them fully utilising and remaking ordinary stuff. She is also keen to highlight the nature of materials, telling stories through style and color.

A number of exhibits are created by designers themselves. Failed to find a suitable CD rack, curator and designer Benny Au decided to make one with his own hands. The new force of fashion industry Angus Tsui pays tribute to Sham Shui Po Pang Chai, the cradle of Hong Kong design industry, by a dress made of antique clothes from the place and embroidered with Pang Chai shop details. The leader of Hong Kong interior design sector, Joey Ho, gives second life to his old wooden kid’ s stool and names it as “Re-seat”.

In the beginning of the new year, immerse yourself to the world of good design and let design be the inspiration of your life.

“Good Life. Good Design Exhibition”
Date: Now until 15 February 2018
Venue: HKDC Studio, S603, PMQ, No.35 Aberdeen Street, Central
Time: 12pm- 7pm 

“Re-seat” is an stool integrated with old wooden kid’s stool into the transparent acrylic metal frame, by Joey Ho. (Photo by Magazine P)

Alan Chan, winner of the 2017 DFA World’s Outstanding Chinese Designer, has selected his Olympus 0 Product 35mm Camera (Photo by Magazine P)

A DIY soap dispenser made from a discarded dispenser head and milk bottle chosen by Kevin Cheung. (Photo by Magazine P)

“Good Life. Good Design Exhibition” at HKDC Studio, S603, PMQ (Photo by Magazine P)