Design in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most sought after touristic and business destinations in the world, not only for its serene natural beauty of the Arabian Sea coasts, but also the spectacular architectural views. Some of the world’s renowned architects and interior designers come from this place.

For design professionals, Dubai is probably one of the world’s most exciting cities to advance their career. The Dubai Design and Fashion Council (DDFC) suggested that UAE (United Arab Emirates) will require at least 30,000 design graduates by 2019 to keep up the growth of the region.

Boosted by innovative architecture and interior design projects, the region’s design market will grow by 13% from US$32 billion in 2017 to reach a record-high of US$36 billion in the coming year.

To support the expansion of the local design industry, Dubai Design District (d3), which is expected to be completed its phrase two in 2021, will be the centre of the city’s creative community. It is being built as part of the Dubai Plan 2021 using the Smart City principles which offer digital connectivity to create an innovation-led economy.

On the hunt of design talents beyond the region, a Hong Kong award winning design studio, Daydreamers Design founded by Aden Chen and Stanley Siu, had been invited by Islamic Arts Festival for the second consecutive year in 2017. Followed by their successful work 'Spiral Arches', the team introduced their new installation project titled 'Floral Pavilion”, a dome with Arabesque patterns inspired by Tabriz carpets, at the Sharjah Art Museum last year.

Exceeding expectations, the UAE is now the largest design market in the Middle East and North Africa region. For your coming trip to The City of Gold, forget the luxurious surroundings and be ready to step into a city filled with passionate designers from all over the globe.

Daydreamers Design installation project 'Floral Pavilion” in Islamic Arts Festival 2017. (Photo by Daydreamers Design)

Dubai Design District (d3) is a part of the Dubai Plan 2021, using the Smart City principles to create an innovation-led economy. (Photo by Dubai Design District)