'Confluence' of cultures, creativity and design

It’s no secret that Hong Kong boasts one of the worlds most dynamic design scenes. From iconic skyscrapers and maze-like footbridge systems that provide relief on a hot summer day, to neon light signs, the city has always prided itself on its spirit of innovation. 

As cultural critic Chan Koon Chung said, while Hong Kong’s can-do attitude took hold in the mid-19th century, and the obsession with ‘craft’ and ‘craftsmanship’ are later epitomised by the films of Bruce Li, the city is now anchored by a third pillar: creativity, and it is this spirit that is being passed on to future generations.   

Presented by the Hong Kong Design Centre, Confluence: 20+ offers a holistic perspective on the city’s creative industry in 2017, where 20 collaborative projects are presented. 

A chair no longer just a chair, nor is a piece of fabric merely just fabric. The design world has also become more fluid, where creatives from varied disciplines are coming together at ever greater rate, leading to a ‘confluence’ of cultures, histories and technologies. 

From kinetic installations that exploreintersection between art, design and science, a mobile tea stall, where viewers can sit down and relax with a ceramic cup, to a necklace inspired by the legendary Silk Road, each objet d’art at Confluence: 20+ offers a glimpse of the creativity, versatility and endurance that lies at the heart of Hong Kong’s design scene. 

Following its debut at the La Triennaledi Milano in Italy, the exhibition made an acclaimed return to Hong Kong's City Hall earlier this summer and has made its third stop at Seoul's Dongdaemun Design Plaza.