Supporting Event - Social Innovation Regional Forum 2021

Supporting Event - Social Innovation Regional Forum 2021

They say 75 is the new 65. Time to re-imagine ageing.

A 75-year-old today is expected to have as many years left to live as a 65-year-old did in 1950, meaning once we reach retirement age, we could still have decades of meaningful life ahead of us. It is time to think of later life as a time for new opportunities rather than decline.

Tackling a rapidly ageing population, social innovators of all ages and backgrounds across Asia have been developing solutions to better support people in working, playing, and living as they desire no matter their age. Join the conversation at SIRF 2021 to explore the role of social innovation and participatory design in the making of age-friendly communities, and identify ways forward for the future of ageing with leading experts.

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Thematic Session 1

The Future of Getting Old(er)
16 Oct (Sat)
7 Mallory Street
Carnival + Exhibition
Thematic Session 2
Design Thinking for Age-friendly Communities
28 Oct (Thu)
Central Market
Sharing + workshop
Thematic Session 3
Cross-sector Innovations in Age-friendly Communities
19 Nov (Fri)
PolyU Shenzhen Base
Thematic Session 3

Innovating for System Change in Age-friendly Communities
19 Nov (Fri)
Main Forum
The Making of Age-friendly Communities in Rapidly Ageing Societies
10 Dec (Fri)