Supporting Event - JCCAC’s 15th Anniversary Exhibition 2023 “I’m Here!“

Supporting Event - JCCAC’s 15th Anniversary Exhibition 2023 “I’m Here!“

A concise and unequivocal cry of “I’m Here!” kicks off the exhibition as a greeting, just like the artists declaring their existence with artworks. Together we meet and discover joy in art.  

“I’m Here!” does not only depict a location or direction, but also a cry to respond. A respond to the questions in “existence”. Artists exist with uniqueness, at the same time symbolizing human’s pursue of beauty. Through the creation of art, “existence” becomes the experiences of artists. Thus transforming into the spirit of “I create, therefore I am”. The idea of existence highlighted the location, and echoes with the theme of JCCAC’s 15th anniversary, “The Place”.  

The exhibition showcases the artworks of over 40 artists, each consists of a distinctive expression of “existence”. Exhibits scattered around JCCAC, through the galleries and the common space on different floors, constructing a refreshing and powerful art experience for visitors. Various programmes to be held during exhibition period encourages the public to participate and have fun, connecting the community with art. These programmes include exhibition tours, art demonstrations, art sharings, live performances, workshops, movie screening and studio tours; covering various genre as paintings, art installation, music and dance, ceramics, metalwork, sculpture, animations and new media art etc.

Activity information

Curator:Eric Leung

Exhibition Period:7 Dec 2023 to 14 Jan 2024

Opening Hours:11am - 8pm

Venue:JCCAC Galleries and common areas