DXHK - BANGKOK Pocket Worlds

DXHK - BANGKOK Pocket Worlds

DXHK is a pilot design exchange programme starting with Bangkok Design Week. DXHK - BANGKOK Pocket Worlds will bring 10 designers/ 8 brands to show to the world -Hong Kong Young Design Power!

The POCKET WORLDS carries triple meaning.

From where we came, Hong Kong is a small, compact, pocket size city, yet being diverse, cosmopolitan, and worldly.
Here, our 8 young designers unfold the individual worlds, literally, from bags and luggage on the carousel. You are to discover treasures and concepts in each pocket.
Launching from Bangkok, our pockets are made mobile and light to travel afar. Soon we shall take off again, continuing a voyage for the 21st century Belt-and-Road.
The DXHK team is aspired to learn and explore with Bangkok the opportunities of a creative and sustainable Asia, where design is understood as a discourse for the future

MATERIAL CIRCULAR: The idea of material circular design is to redefine the product design system and process by improving materials selection and product design to help broaden users’experience and perspective.

PLACEMAKING: Placemaking is not just about designing functional space. It is how designers humanize the space by taking into account the interrelations between surrounding retailers,vendors, amenities provided, and activities taking place in the space to create greater value for the community.

CO-CREATION: The co-creation design goes beyond the social good designs by requiring an active engagement of all actors in the design process in order to create greater value for the community.

AUGMENTED EXPERIENCE: There will be no boundaries or borders in the future of media design.It will drive more interaction and greater experience.

CULTURE NARRATIVE: Visual design is no longer about designer’s personal expression, but embody culture element into the art form.

Curator: Prof. Alvin Yip

Participating Designers/ Brands in DXHK - BANGKOK Pocket Worlds

Uncle @ AfterWorkShop (AWS) Mural in Leake Street Tunnel, London
The first mural of Mr Waterloo AWS did. Inspired by Chinese new year of Monkey.
Jack Lau @ Vision Desire TWGHs – Prevention of alcohol abuse 1: Selection
Working with T.W.G.H.'s 'Abuse Prevention and Treatment Service', Vision Desire created a series of animation of alcohol abuse prevention, and through this delightful moment they hope our teenagers can carefully ponder the adverse effect of alcohol abuse.
Jim Wong @ Good Morning Design
30 Zine
Xavier Tsang @ BeCandle Experimental ritual of candle making
Kay Chan @ Good Day Society Salted Fish with Herbs
CM Jao & Ken Cheung @ Oft Interior Hong Kong Emperor Cinemas - Lobby
Rosetta Lau & Keikko Lee @ Unite Unit

Award winning Café, a combination of natural materials; hand-crafted tiles, stone and nature wood with a touch of brand color to create a comfortable break for everyone.

Mui Kinoshita @ ASA

 World's first intelligent and invisible air purifying luminaire – Airluna.By empowering AI machine learning, Airluna is designed to detect indoor air quality constituents which may act as 'triggers' for people suffering from asthma, allergies, and other respiratory allergies.

Activity information

Date: 27 Jan - 4 Feb 2018

Time: 11:00 - 21:00

Venue: Bowen Hall, Lhong 1919

Address: 248 Chiang Mai Rd., Klong San, Klong San 10600, Bangkok, Thailand