#ddCommissionedWork HKACT! Act 1 BeHere by Masaki Fujihata - Wan Chai Guided Tour

#ddCommissionedWork HKACT! Act 1 BeHere by Masaki Fujihata - Wan Chai Guided Tour

A Digital Artwork that Combines the Past, the Present and the Future
Presenting a Virtual Lens for Visitors to Create Memories for the Future and Share a Moment

“HKACT! Act 1 BeHere”, an innovative Augmented Reality (AR) mobile app of #ddHKCommissionedWork, combines the past, the present and the future, presenting a virtual lens for visitors to create memories for the future and share a moment. Created by Japanese new media artist Masaki Fujihata, produced by Osage Art Foundation, BeHere is inspired by the 1940-70s Hong Kong, the digital public installation features more than 40 sets of 3D AR figures, “Recreating the stories by actors in the studio and allowing visitors to view the old Hong Kong livelihood in their own mobile through the wonders of technology and design.

BeHere is based on one and a half years of design research, oral history from local residents of Wan Chai and photos taken in the olden days, BeHere recreates Wan Chai coastline used to be along Queen's Road East during 1850s, connecting Wan Chai's attractions and public space from west to east: from Blue House, Stone Nullah Lane Garden, Wan Chai Gap Park, Old Wan Chai Post Office, Lee Tung Street, Tai Wong East Street Sitting-out Area, Lun Fat Street Sitting-out Area, Kwong Ming Street Children's Playground, Sun Street to Dominion Garden. Alongside the 3D AR works, guided tours are also open to all visitors to register online for more layered understanding of the neighbourhood. Or you could also download the app and experience the journey on your own.

The heartland of the Wai Chai is jointly linked by two corridors of art and design - the exhibition of BeHere stretching east to west while #ddCreativePlacemaking’s stretching north to south. Together, they reinvent the past and future street life of Wan Chai, enrich the connection among the community and encourage visitors exploring the district.

About Design District Hong Kong

Design District Hong Kong (#ddHK) is a 3-year Creative Tourism Project presented by Tourism Commission, organised by Hong Kong Design Centre (HKDC), with Hong Kong Comics & Animation Federation (HKCAF) as Strategic Partner on programme related to local comic.. #ddHK is a vibrant hub of creativity in the heart of the city. It is a fantastic blueprint for the visitors and public to explore the city in a brand new way, it also aligns HKDC’s public mission to promote future betterment of the society and community resilience through design. In 2018/19, the theme is “Connected City: Hong Kong Stories”. For details, please visit here.

Activity information

HKACT! Act 1 BeHere by Masaki Fujihata

Presenter: Tourism Commission

Organiser: Hong Kong Design Centre

Producer: Osage Art Foundation

Artist / Director: Masaki Fujihata

Guided Tour Registration and Details:https://www.designdistrict.hk/en/programme/

Photo Courtesy of Osage Art Foundation and Masaki Fujihata