Hong Kong Design Centre Appoints New Board of Directors (effective from 12 March 2016): 

Hong Kong Design Centre (HKDC) welcomes Eric Yim as new Chairman and Bonnie Chan Woo and David Lo as new Vice Chairmen of its Board of Directors. Such appointment, together with all board directorship appointment, has received the approval of the Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development of Hong Kong SAR Government, effective from 12 March 2016.

 Eric Yim (4th from left, front row) with members of the new HKDC Board of Directors and Executive Director

Eric Yim is a celebrated architect and furniture designer, he serves as the Deputy Chairman of Federation of Hong Kong Industries among other public duties. Prior to that, he was the Founder and Chief Designer at POSH Office Systems (Hong Kong) Ltd.

Bonnie Chan Woo serves as a member of HKSAR Committee on Home-School Co-operation and HKSAR Marketing Advisory Board (Agricultural Products). She also served on the board of the Ambassadors of Design previously. She is the CEO of Icicle Group, a cross-media marketing and creative production company.

David Lo is an award winning creative and media designer, he serves as the Chairman of the Hong Kong Designers Associations among other public duties. He founded LOMATTERS Creative Studio, a creative brand consultancy, in 2006.

List of HKDC Board of Directors (effective from 12 March 2016): 


Eric Yim

Vice Chairpersons (by alphabetical order)

Bonnie Chan Woo
David Lo

Directors (by alphabetical order)

Patrick Bruce
Viveca Chan
Barney Cheng
Janet Cheung
Felix Chung
Roy Chung
Prof. Cees de Bont
Joey Ho
Freeman Lau
James Law
Alex Lee
Ron Leung
Steve Leung
Jerry Liu
Joseph Lo
Kai-yin Lo
Victor Lo
Leslie Lu
Victor Tsang
Raymond Yip (effective from 21 April 2016)

Alternate Directors (by alphabetical order)

Antony Chan
Benson Cheung
Janet Chu
Kevin Yeung
Karr Yip

About HKDC

HKDC is a non-profit organization founded in 2002 as a strategic partner of the HKSAR Government in establishing Hong Kong as centre of design excellence in Asia. HKDC continues its public mission in using design and innovation to drive value creation of business development and improve the well-being of society, through the provision of diverse exchange platforms, anchored by five major work directions: CONNECT the design Industry, CELEBRATE design talents and good designs, NURTURE design-preneurs, ADVANCE design knowledge and ENGAGE the society.

HKDC’s flagship programmes include Business of Design Week (BODW/ since 2002) - Asia leading annual conference and event on Design, Innovation and Brands; DFA Awards (since 2003) – the most recognized design awards from an Asia perspective; Design Incubation Programme (DIP/ since 2012) – a 2-year incubation programme to nurture future design-preneurs; Knowledge of Design Week (KODW/ since 2006) – an annual thematic design knowledge sharing platform on how design can solve complex challenges of our society.

Announcement Award Of A Creative & Design Direction & Strategy Contract


This announcement is published on a voluntary basis to keep the HKSAR Government, the Board of Directors of Hong Kong Design Centre (HKDC) and members of the public informed of the possible conflict of interest arising from Mr David Lo, a board member bidding for a contract of HKDC.

The board of directors of HKDC (the “Board”) noticed that the contractor- David Lo of Lomatters Creative Studio Co. Ltd (“Lomatters”), which entered into a bid agreement of Creative & Design Direction & Strategy Services for BODW 2015 (“Services”) in Sep 2015, has been awarded the relevant contract. (Ref: PR-BODW-15-36)

HKDC sent the Request for Proposal (“RFP”) invitation to 3 design agencies on 7 Aug 2015 listed below, only Lomatters return an Expression of Interest and proposal before deadline while the other 2 agencies turned down the invitation.

  • Lomatters Creative Studio Co. Ltd.
  • Milkxhake
  • BLOW

In pursuant to Annex II of the Corporate Governance of HKDC, we declare that:

  • When the Services was discussed, David Lo of Lomatters (“David Lo”) declared he is one of the Board of Directors (“BoD”) in Hong Kong Design Centre (“HKDC”) and showed his interest to bid for this Services contract.
  • When David Lo showed his interest to bid for the Services of BODW 2015, he only took part in the discussion about his own proposal, without realizing or discussing any other matters regarding the other bidders.
  • To maintain a fair procurement procedure, David Lo received the same “RFP” and same amount of information as to other 2 agencies (Milkxhake and BLOW) on the same day.
  • David Lo had no access to the submitted tender documents which might contain commercially sensitive information.
  • Before and during the evaluation of the bids, since 2 design agencies (out of 3 invited design agencies) turned down, HKDC considered the remaining option from David Lo; no matter bidders’ identity was annoymised or not, only one option remained. HKDC concentrated to evaluate his proposal, regardless of the role of David Lo as one of the BoD of HKDC.
  • After the contract was awarded, David Lo did not involve in the discussions relating to the contract, except attended in the capacity of a service-provider.
  • The facts of any Board Member being awarded a contract of the Board will be published in HKDC’s website and the associated period of annual report for public information.

HKDC Board of Directors approved this Services contract award to Lomatters. For more information about this contract, please contact us at 25228688 or info@hkdesigncentre.org .