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支持活动 - 2022 香港资讯及通讯科技奖 - 智慧生活奖

Date: 2022-06-27

Venue: N/A

Participation Fee: N/A


Date: 2022-06-24

Venue: Zoom

Participation Fee: 免费

支持活动 - 看不到的 – 传统中式家具制作

Date: 2022-06-13

Venue: Experience Centre, Hong Kong Design Institute (3 King Ling Road, Tseung Kwan O, NT)

Participation Fee: Free

Supporting Event - Call for Hong Kong Partner - Milan Design Week: “the Fuorisalone 2022”

Date: 2022-06-06

Venue: Milan, Italy

Participation Fee: Please refer to the organizers

Supporting Event - Cyberport Career Fair 2022

Date: 2022-06-04

Venue: N/A

Participation Fee: Free

支持活动 - 广交会设计创新奖

Date: 2022-05-31

Venue: N/A

Participation Fee: 免费参评

DFA 设计奖 2021展览于南丰纱厂隆重登场!

Date: 2022-05-29

Venue: 荃湾白田坝街45号南丰纱厂地下

Participation Fee: Free