DMatters Oct 2023 Issue’s Headline Story: Where does creativity come from? 12 stories about finding design inspiration in life

Life is the Driving Force Behind Design People need inspiration in every aspect of life. Its position is no exception when it comes to design. Inspiration from daily life will always help you generate creative and unique ideas for your projects. Meet the 12 incubatees from our Design Incubation Programme (DIP) who lay bare their sources of inspiration. 

1. Terence OR of LTMC LIMITED: Running Trails in Nature

‘Running in nature gives me a clear and concentrated mind to start a design concept.’

2. Heinrik NG and Cindy CHAN of Deep Food Limited: HarGow
‘Deep Food’s experimental prawn dumplings, also known as HarGow, were among our very first projects. The idea happened spontaneously when our family was making dim sum. It carries a fun yet serendipitous spirit that is still important in our practice.

3. WONG Yui Chung, Eddie of Eddie The Studios: Time Flows
‘Time Flows, a handmade book documenting my inner thoughts and struggles during my first four years of design practice, reminds me of why I started, to never stop questioning, never give up and work hard with a good heart.’

4. LAM Kin Yan of Genau Studio: My Messy Studio

‘My messy studio is my source of inspiration – because creating your own ambience is the first step in design.’

5. Tara LEE of LE MANDORLE LIMITED: The Art of Finding Beauty in the Mundane

‘Discovering beauty in the mundane encourages us to gain a deeper appreciation for the natural world and the wonders that it holds. Sometimes it can even help us find inspiration for our own creative endeavours.’

6. Andrea LAU and Sam CHAN of Kinks Lab: Surreal Architecture and Utopian Landscapes

‘We are fascinated by surreal and utopian landscapes. Our bold and experimental designs reference Blobitecture, which does not merely represent a style or form, but a non-tangible, experimental spirit.’

7. TING For Chun of YIWOOO.CO: Nature
‘Nature inspired me to create this bamboo craft kit with the idea of ‘Make Your Own Bamboo Work’. It’s sophisticated yet easy to do, and it gives a deeper appreciation of the art of bamboo craft.’

8. Mandy TSANG of Momant Studio Limited: Nature
‘Nature’s wonders, with their diverse colours, intricate patterns and textures, have always been a source of inspiration. The powerful and uncontrollable forces of nature inspire creativity. I aspire to grow and thrive like a flower or plant in any environment.’

9. Jasper LI and Adrian YU of TOBBA PARFUMS LIMITED: Chanel N°5
‘Chanel N°5 was my earliest olfactory memory. Its exquisite scent inspired me to embark on an exploratory journey into the world of luxury. Everything in my life, from being a painter to a perfumer, started from that moment.’

10. Toki WONG of Toki Studio Limited: Toys I Wanted as a Child
‘I didn’t have a lot of toys as a child, so I buy a lot of them now. It’s therapeutic for me. I ended up with a huge collection, and they inspire my work as a designer.’

11. Francis LAM and Etain HO of Canalside Studio: Bubbly Lamp
‘Our innovative, award-winning Bubbly Lamp is designed to be able to transform into different forms. This playful yet elegant floor lamp will be a special addition to any home.’

12. Sam WONG and Venus KWAN of 8899 Creative Limited: Achieve a State of Flow‘I am always on the go. To feed my mind with innovative and creative ideas, I like to shuffle between transport modes. I wander around, using my smartphone to capture fleeting ideas through text and images.’