ED Message

ON  with the design movement

Design impacts our city, economy, culture and living.

Our pitch to all is "Co-Designing a Better Hong Kong", with more good design that places the aspirations, wellbeing and needs of citizens, people and users at the centre.

Good design endears people and it is outcome driven. It is the people’s needs and not administration needs as advocated by experts in the field. The making of good design is indeed both art and science. Its adoption is increasingly strategic at both leadership and policymaking levels and in business across sectors, professions and industries.

Facing global coopetition and fast-paced development, Hong Kong needs to enliven enterprising creativity. It is equally important that we develop a citizen, people and user-centred approach to problem solving, communication and innovation for meaningful engagement, sustained competitiveness and societal wellbeing.

Our education needs to build creative confidence, to ensure kids from a young age and all prosper with an open-mind and a growth mindset, equipping them with collaborative and empathy building muscles and a good complement of hard and soft skills that add to their critical thinking and complex problem solving ability.

As the Administration’s strategic partner in promoting design, HKDC is a publicly-funded design promotion agency tasked to run and grow Hong Kong’s flagship programmes – Business of Design Week, Knowledge of Design Week, Fashion Asia Hong Kong, Design Incubation Programme & Fashion Incubation Programme, DFA Awards, and fostering creative and design thinking. 

Promoting good design, celebrating design excellence and cultivating design entrepreneurship remain the core part of our mission. Thanks to colleagues' efforts and project grants from the CreateSmart Initiative (CSI), we are nurturing more young creative talents, promoting Hong Kong design and designers overseas, and have enriched all our programmes to embrace their participation.

Through our BODW CityProg, city placemaking projects (such as the #ddHK Design District Hong Kong as partnered with Tourism Commission) and our public-facing initiative Design Spectrum at 7 Mallory Street, HKDC has created new platforms in recent years for more curators, designers and partners across sectors to work together to bring creative vibe to our community.

We are also building a circle of influencers and friends across policymaking, CXOs, health leaders and professionals, school management and teachers, entrepreneurs across sectors and industries to learn and adopt creative and design thinking.

These initiatives have helped us to continue to maintain Hong Kong on the world map of design cities. Our public mission, our scope of work and brand positioning ought to be further strengthened, given the parallel efforts by global and many neighbouring economies in pursuit of the innovation, design and creative economy.

Be enlivened with enterprising creativity or be timed-out!

The DESIGN MOVEMENT belongs to all. Let's co-design a bright future!

Dr Edmund Lee