Supporting Event - HSBC x JA Company Programme

Supporting Event - HSBC x JA Company Programme

HSBC x JA Company Programme, Hong Kong’s largest youth entrepreneurship programme, enables students to develop their entrepreneurial mindset and 21st century skills. Under the guidance of volunteer business advisors, students establish and operate a company as they would in the real business world.

As a Volunteer Business Advisor, you will

•        Partner with another Business Volunteer(s) and support a student team of 20+ members

•        Share experience and advice with students through the hands-on entrepreneurial learning journey

We Are Looking for Volunteers Who Are

•        With 2+ years of working experience

•        Interested in taking on an entrepreneurial venture

•        Passionate about supporting our young people

Language: Cantonese/English

Please sign up to show your interest and get the detailed school and meeting schedule list by 9 Sep for your school selection.

Activity information

Time Commitment

Business Advisors & Link Teachers Orientation on 23 Sep 2023 (Sat), 10am-12:30pm

360 Entrepreneur Workshop on 14 Oct 2023 (Sat), 10am-12:30pm

6 to 8 2-hour meetings with students from Oct 2023 to Mar/Apr 2024