Supporting Event - Graphic Design in Japan 2023 (Hong Kong Edition)

Supporting Event - Graphic Design in Japan 2023 (Hong Kong Edition)

Organised by PMQ and the Japan Graphic Design Association (JAGDA), the exhibition “Graphic Design in Japan 2023 (Hong Kong Edition)” will take place from 10 April to 5 May at PMQ.

The JAGDA Awards have long commanded prestige within the Japanese graphic design profession. In collaboration with JAGDA, PMQ premiered the exhibition in Hong Kong in 2019. It returned glamorously last year, again displaying exceptional contemporary Japanese works to Hong Kong audiences. The past exhibitions’ successes buttressed this collaboration, enabling our third jointly curated showing.

PMQ is privileged to be the sole international venue for this exhibition which presents over 300 distinguished masterpieces spanning diverse applications, including but not limited to those by the 25th Yusaku Kamekura Design Awardees Tomohiro OKAZAKI and Haruka MISAWA, as well as JAGDA New Designer Awardees Kako FUJITA and Naonori YAGO. Furthermore, through participating in programmes such as design dialogues and designer-led tours, attendees may gain perspectives shared by practitioners from both Japan and Hong Kong, and engage in prospective discourse with such design professionals.

Activity information

Date:10 April to 5 May 2024
TIme:11am - 7pm
Venue:SG03 – SG07, Staunton, PMQ