‘Design for Asia: DFA Awards 2023’ for Sale Now

‘Design for Asia: DFA Awards 2023’ for Sale Now

To honour outstanding design projects, ‘Design for Asia: DFA Awards 2023’ features all the award-winning projects of this year's Awards, along with portfolios of the winners and comments from international judges. Let us explore together the ingenious ideas and captivating stories behind these designs.

Purchase link: https://etickets.hk/en/project/hkdc/dfa_book_23/

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About DFA Awards

Since 2003, the Hong Kong Design Centre launched the DFA Awards to underpin the role of designers in society, to celebrate design leadership and exemplary designs and projects with impact in Asia, as well as to recognise the rising force of emerging Hong Kong designers. The Awards celebrates design excellence, acknowledges outstanding designs and industry leaders with Asian perspectives. Its awardees apply various design forms, integrating technology, functionality and aesthetic s to create influential design works that provide solutions to different aspects of human life, environment, culture, sustainable development and revitalization. Their efforts unite all walks of life to contribute to a better social development in Asia and beyond.