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Beyond Events: Our Services

Beyond organising large and small design conference, events and ceremonies, our work extends to a wide range of concerns and initiatives. All are on-going efforts that serve our core mission to connect designers to the world, and the world to designers.

Consultation service to public and private entities on request underlines HKDC’s efforts in encouraging and promoting the use of design to generate innovative ideas to create business value and deliver better public service.

For enquiries about consultation service, please email to .

Design and innovation lie at the heart of any institutional core value. A tailor-made training workshop can help cultivate an innovative mindset for better organisational resiliency, diversity and sustainability of your company.

Our training workshops help participants and organisations explore the strategic values of design in formulating policies, innovating services and developing new visions for change via design thinking. Tailor-made training workshops are available from a half-day session onwards with topics and contents specially designed for cross-sector professionals ranged from senior management to general staff.

to explore the possibilities of design in the formulation of company policies that can improve and better service innovation to develop a new, alternative and complementary vision of their important mission Core teaching modules of the whole Innovative Leadership Programme (ILP) include: “Service Innovation and Implementation”, “Innovative Leadership and Leading Change”, “High-impact Communication and Engagement”, and “Leading Teams” etc. To learn more about our tailor-made in-house training, please visit the Institute of Design Knowledge website here or email to

Matching is Knowing

Our business matching service is a matchmaking platform that offers help to those seeking design solutions in Hong Kong, or business partners looking to expand service in this city. From customised identification service to arranging one-to-one meetings we approach each project with fully integrated services.