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The Design Associates(TdA) is a graphic design company in Hong Kong founded in 1994. We design visual identity, corporate & Marketing communication, retial design & packaging, interactive media and printed publications. We are also storytellers, problem solvers and positive thinkers. TdA’s good dozen in 2011 is a handful of projects that we have completed in 12 categories. Little do you know, 12 is not just a measurement of quantity. 12 symbolize a perfect and harmonious unit. It governs the space and time - 12 months and the 12 hours on clock. 12 is attached with believes of mystery and authority – 12 signs of zodiac and 12 apostles. 12 is closely related to ourselves, our energy and operation - the 12 gates of human body and the human heart’s 12 chakras. The power of 12 subtly governs us and inspires us to create a good dozen of work in the various categories: Logos, Exhibitions, Advertisements, Photography, Calendars, Websites, Posters, Annual Reports, eBooks, Brochures, Illustrations and Books.

Design Experience
11 to 20 years
Company Employee
Over than 30
Design Nature
  • Graphic Design
Client Profile
  • Banking & Finance
  • Education
  • Hotel, Entertainment and Tourism
  • Information Technology & Telecom
  • Interior Design & Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Others
  • Property
  • Public Sector
  • Retail Marketing & Services
  • Social Services

2011 China's Most Successful Design Awards, ARC Awards, Astrid Awards, Galaxy Awards, HKMA, Hong Kong Print Award, Mercury Awards, The Outstanding Greater China Award