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We are From Hong Kong, is a one-stop interior design brand companies are welcome to join our group!

Non-enemy of the same industry, the lack of unity is equal to the deadlock, welcome in the interior design industry to join together to provide a modern interior design market, and improve the knowledge of all industry.

In modern years, the business environment, the interior design industry has to face the ever-changing, only the Style Design Group hospitality sincere service attitude remains unchanged, because we know, change is the real eternal law of

Even in the financial tsunami, Style Design Group all employees still stick to their posts, points with the sweet taste, to live through, with limited resources, unlimited creativity, hand in hand towards the 18th anniversary of style Design Group Limited.

Design Experience
11 to 20 years
Company Employee
10 to 30
Design Nature
  • Architectural / Spatial Design
Client Profile
  • Interior Design & Construction