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DAUNUO® DESIGN STUDIO, an independent and professional industrial design sutdio in DAUNUO® GROUP, our service including product design, interactive design, graphic design, design management and brand management.

By integrating design and technology, we help our clients to find new ways to create value for their brands. And we try to create value for consumers in the form of a new, quality of life — step by step in all sorts of ways.

Making good design and service for company with more attracting attitude. DONOON® DESIGN STUDIO is driven by user centered design methods to create innovative, intuitive and easy to use products for our clients.

True life experiences are the source of our creation, each idea and product comes from life and back to it.

Design Experience
6 to 10 years
Company Employee
Less than 10
Design Nature
  • Animation / Interactive / Multimedia
Client Profile
  • Banking & Finance
  • China Assignments
  • Education
  • Information Technology & Telecom
  • Manufacturing
  • Overseas Assignments
  • Public Sector
  • Social Services