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Cheungvogl Architecture Studio

Cheungvogl is a multilingual and multicultural international architecture and design studio founded by Judy Cheung and Christoph Vogl in 2008. The practice’s creative team is based in Hong Kong with site offices in China and Germany. Their work encompasses multiple fields of design, ranging from urban scale and architecture through to details of interiors and products for institutional, public, commercial and private clients. The studio is currently working on projects of different scales in Hong Kong, Japan, China, Germany, Russia and the Americas. Their projects are renowned for their seamless and subtle approach to amalgamate art into architecture.

Judy Cheung and Christoph Vogl consistently redefine boundaries between architecture, art and design. Their projects not only experiment with architectural phenomenon, they often express certain sensitivity through reinterpretation of non-material substances. Their passionate engagement with ‘time’ as an integral part of the palette forms a new typology within the limitless context of space and experiences. They interrupt and express time as an extension of life, which is simply engaged in our everyday experiences. Time is not a measurable ‘unit’; its vague existence is undoubtedly beyond the physical parameters of lengths, widths and heights. Quality is not measured by cubic meters; it is the feeling of contentment, the emotions that one remembers. The simultaneous engagement between time, architecture, art and culture is their passion and commitment.

Prior to founding Cheungvogl, Judy Cheung and Christoph Vogl worked with Lord Norman Foster in London on conceptualization and realization of major projects in the United Kingdom, the Middle East, New York, Australia and North Africa.

Collectively, they designed and realized more than 100 international projects varying in scales, which include Wembley Stadium in London, Sama Dubai Towers in Melbourne, Sama Dubai Towers in Casablanca Morocco, EO Tower in Dubai, Queen Alia International Airport in Jordan, Madison Avenue Tower in New York, Centralised Science Laboratories in Hong Kong and University of Student Housing in Pennsylvania.

Judy Cheung currently lectures Art, Design and Architecture at the Hong Kong University Space and Middlesex University, London, United Kingdom.

Cheungvogl: Architecture is the structure of anything.

The making of architecture is more than searching for an aesthetic form. From conception to realization, the design process transforms a theoretical approach into a sensible build product. The rationalization of the process is a rigorous analysis of needs, breaking down the elements into parts and subsequently finding a holistic approach to the problem. It is a complex study of how architecture could be used to enhance our cultural dynamics, how new insertions could embrace changing social needs, and how new inventions could create a more sustainable future.

We continue to question, research and analyse the notion of fundamental needs versus fashionable trends. Our research methodologies differ depending on the social, cultural, historical, economical and functional contexts. By thinking deeper into traditional heritage and modern technologies simultaneously, we begin to explore, articulate and respond to every questionable conditions of life. We are fascinated by the ordinary things or situations that most people take for granted.

Design is an attitude that exists in every aspect of our lives. Through the making of architecture, we amalgamate science into art; art into architecture; architecture into the poetics of space. The amalgamation between theory, exploration and practice offer us a versatile structure for endless possibilities.

This structure is without boundaries.

Design Experience
11 to 20 years
Company Employee
10 to 30
Design Nature
  • Architectural / Spatial Design
Client Profile
  • Hotel, Entertainment and Tourism
  • Interior Design & Construction
  • Others
  • Property
  • Public Sector
  • Retail Marketing & Services

HKMVC Most Valuable Services Award Hong Kong 2015 for corporate social responsibility, innovation and contribution to Hong Kong presented by Mediazone Group; A' Design Gold Award 2013 - 2014, Interior Space and Exhibition Design; A' Design Silver Award 2013 - 2014, Architecture, Building and Structure Design; Surface Design Awards 2014 Finalist; Design for Asia DFA Awards 2012 Merit Award; German Design Award 2013, Rat für Formgebung, The German Design Councils Premier Prize Nomination; Frame Magazine, 2012, Top 3 Most Popular Installations; Asia Tatler, 2012, Top 5 Pop-up Retail Spaces International; Condé Nast Traveller Innovation & Design Awards 2011, Category: Infrastructure; KAT-Ohno, Tokyo, Japan, Invited Competition, 2010, First Prize; TDW Exhibition, Tokyo Designers Week 2012, Tokyo, Japan: Shinjuku Gardens, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan; 'Picturing