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When a forager bee finds a source of nectar it returns to the hive and communicates it location to the other bees. The other bees are then able to fly directly to the source of the nectar, make a "beeline" for it. Beeline Pro is a creative brand building company with clear purpose- the shortest route to help organization build up their own brand and provide marketing strategies. From video production to youtube interactive brand channel, from magazines to interactive publications, and from basic logo design to brand development, we design the perfect and suitable solution to every client. Beeline Pro's designers were born in new Generation Y, We have strongly knowledge in target the new Generation Y market. We can produce new and creative ideas to capture customer's attention upon competitive and rapid progress in the social platforms. Also, we are skillful in visual communication, design and computer programming.

Design Experience
0 to 5 years
Company Employee
Less than 10
Design Nature
  • Advertising / PR Agencies
Client Profile
  • Banking & Finance
  • China Assignments
  • Education
  • Hotel, Entertainment and Tourism
  • Information Technology & Telecom
  • Manufacturing
  • Others
  • Overseas Assignments
  • Property
  • Public Sector
  • Retail Marketing & Services