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Innomacs creation ltd.

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“Innomacs “ - A design concept to innovate Chinese traditional culture for social change through corporate mottos and slogans. The Company was founded by Ruby Yeung, known for her idea to fuse powerful and inspiring words with conceptual images through Chinese poetry and literature scenes. She has held managerial positions in notable organizations in the past. Combining her multimedia design skills with her passion, she has created a unique art form to reinvigorate cultural and social values. This is done through IP licensing, design service and online advertising. In addition, Innomacs market its own brand "Innomacs” mini cards and souvenirs. Innomacs Creation consists of following major elements:  Quotes from well known Chinese poetry, idiom or proverb  Essence of connection between the product/brand and consumers  Conceptual images to illustrate & augment the quotes  emotive and inspirational messages in both Chinese and English Our creation embraces Hong Kong Identity, Chinese heritage and universal sentiments. We welcome you to license our intellectual property and help integrate art for thought in daily life. Our PROPERTY IS YOUR POWER

Design Experience
6 to 10 years
Company Employee
Less than 10
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  • Advertising / PR Agencies
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  • Education
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  • Retail Marketing & Services
  • Social Services

two nomination awards in the TDC’s Annual Licensing Awards 2009 for Best Asian Property & Best Licensing Campaign in Hong Kong.