Local designers bring changes to event & exhibition industry

To many businesses and industries, trade expo and event is the peak season in a year. It takes them months of planning and preparation to make just a couple of days a success. Event & exhibition has been around for decades, but one thing has never changed - the overwhelming quantity of waste produced.

A local design and production company, BEAMs Creative, a current incubatee at DIP (Design Incubation Programme), is committed to reducing waste at the source and creating a new production model in Hong Kong. Cheuk, Judith and Donte, founders of BEAMS Creative, have been in the industry for years and seen a proliferation of high carbon footprint materials and the subsequent waste of those materials. “If green building can take place in architecture, why not temporarily structure like pop ups, exhibitions and events?”BEAMS Creative strives for a sustainable design and build method in the event & exhibition industry in Hong Kong. They modulate their design works to be easily assembled and reused for future exhibitions in order to minimise wastage.

Companies are increasingly concerned about social and environmental initiatives, but at the same time the additional expense and time devoted to them.  It may come as a surprise, but the truth is, from theirexperience, the cost of their proposed solution is almost the same as before. The key to success? Communications. For example, they would spend time to explain the whole concept with clients, and, before the production starts, they would work closely with the contractor on what they want them to deliver.

"Most of the projects are required to exhibit in several countries. Imagine our works are like Lego bricks. They are designed to be taken apart over and over again and assembled back together when needed.” Cheuk explained how their concept works. “As a result, our clients only need to order one set of materials and in return, we can reduce the waste at source.”

Most of the clients they encountered have a personal interest in reducing environmental impact of their events but have no clue where to start.  Cheuk suggested that the best way to implement sustainable practices is to think long-term and plan ahead.

 With the support of DIP, they are now receiving more projects from sizeable and overseas companies.  In a recent networking session during Christmas, this story was shared among 80+ incubatees and guests from different industries. For most of them in different design disciplines, this would be one of the many occasions at DIP to meet different people, pronounce their dreams and create business opportunities.

A project from BEAMs Creative

A project from BEAMs Creative

As one of the incubatees of DIP, BEAMs Creative shared their story to other incubatees and guests from different industries in a recent sharing session during Christmas.