Citywide creative vibe

To engage the wider public with concepts related to design and celebrate good designs and innovations, a number of events, in partnership with different brands and designers, will take place throughout Hong Kong to ensure that the creative spirit is felt citywide.

You don't usually catch yourself pondering the origin of your ballpoint pen or coffee maker when you're trying to write a paper or wake up after a night out. These everyday objects have been meticulously designed to work so well that you never have to notice them - that's what good design is all about.  Good Life. Good Design, the debut programme under a new platform of Good Design by DMatters, leads the public to emerge in the vibe of good design. DMatters has invited 20 local designers spanning from different generations and disciplines to display a good design item as simply as frequently appeared in their daily life. Alongside the exhibition, D Salon - Design. Societies. Inclusivity is an  opportunity to and for local young design communities to generate ideas corresponding to current developments/ concerns in society.  The whole programme will be held at HKDC Studio at S603, PMQ, open to public. 

Running concurrently to BODW 2017, deTour’s programme explores the most original, bold and stimulating design ideas from both Hong Kong and abroad between 1-10 December. Along with a number of other satellite events under the banner of BODW Satellite Events X deTour, are set to expand the horizon of the general public.

Good Life. Good Design
HKDC Studio (S603), PMQ ,No.35 Aberdeen Street, Central
Exhibition | 1 Dec 2017 to 15 Feb 2018
D Salon | 1 Dec 2017 to 5 Dec 2017

BODW Satellite Events X deTour