a o g p joining FIP Family!

Starting any type of business requires patience, endurance and dedication. Setting up a fashion company is all the more challenging because fashion is a competitive and fast-pacing industry by nature. With the help from the government, some fashion start-ups can obtain financial support and advice which help them to get more resources and exposure than ever.

In March, with a mission to nurture the new generation of fashion designers, FIP, an incubation programme by Hong Kong Design Centre, welcomed one more passionate fashion entrepreneur in the big family. Let us take a look at the story of the founder of a o g p, Maggie Tse, and what are her inspirations throughout the journey.

Maggie’s attachment with fashion budded from her childhood. Her parents, like most of the others in Hong Kong, are simple and practical. They worked hard and kept providing a better living for the family.  Like any kids who are always taken care of by mother, Maggie was always sitting in hair salons waiting for her mother. She grasped the chance to read all woman and fashion magazines piled up in the salon. Those rarely read magazines were good companions to her that she was gaining her sense of fashion intuitively. Maggie can still remember a female model wore a short boyish haircut with a short-sleeved jacket. 

Another inspiration from her childhood is the local diva at 1980s, Anita Mui. Mui was the one who introduced her to fashion and styling with the edgiest and unexpected outfits. She then began to fantasise the dreamy, imaginative and colourful world of fashion. 

With her love and passion for fashion design, Maggie established a o g p, “an on-going project”, in 2013. When design is a reflection of one’s experience and techniques, she believes that the cycle of design life is an ongoing project. “We are inspired by our past, and creations will change our future.”

As a rookie to FIP, a o g p will gain support with studio space, co-creation projects, collaboration fund, fashion marketing and promotion support, training and mentorship. We cannot wait to see how Maggie and the brand will grow with the best possible incubation environment for the next 2 years. 

 a o g p sees jewelry/ accessory as an intimate object. All the pieces are delicately designed and handcrafted.  (Photo source: a o g p )

Snow Allium Collection  (Photo source: a o g p )


Maggie Tse (Photo source: a o g p )