Supporting Event - Hong Kong Smart Design Awards 2020

Supporting Event - Hong Kong Smart Design Awards 2020

The 9th "Hong Kong Smart Design Awards" (HKSDA) is welcoming design entries. Corporate Group categories of “Gifts” and “Home and Houseware”, and the Conceptual Group categories of “Kick-Start Project Division” and “Student Division” are welcoming submissions until 26 FEB 2020.

HKSDA is organised by The Hong Kong Exporters' Association. Awarded products will be featured in publications and featured in local and overseas roving exhibitions; while awarded designers will have the chance to join the overseas "Designers Inspiration Trip". In addition to providing a highly effective promotional platform to awarded enterprises and designers to showcase their original designs, the Awards also helps awardees to expand their businesses and sharpen their competitive edges.

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Activity information

Submissions deadline: 26 FEB 2020

Participation fee:

Corporate Group – Gifts and Home & Houseware

Regular Application: NOW to 10 February 2020

Fee: HK$900/ Product Group

Last Call: 11 Feb - 20 February 2020

Fee: HK$1,200/ Product Group

Conceptual Group

Kick-start Project Division

Fee: HK$300/ Maximum 3 entries

Student Division

Fee: FREE/ / Maximum 3 entries