Publication of KODW 2017:《Include. Design. Society》

Publication of KODW 2017:《Include. Design. Society》

KODW 2017 - Include 2017 looked at how we deal with society’s toughest issues – such as ageing, health, mobility, new technology, policy, citizenship and community. Radical shifts in all these areas impact how we do business, whether we are an individual, start-up, medium-sized business, large corporation or a government department. Inclusive Design, the philosophy on which the conference is based, is designed with both social value and with business value, looking to net you the widest number of stakeholders, by understanding their needs and addressing their aspirations.

All the topics are included in the book 《Include. Design. Society. 》, a collaboration between Hong Kong Design Center and the publisher, City Magazine.

It's available in bookstores now!

Activity information

Retail Price: HK$128

Language: Traditional Chinese

Publisher: City Howwhy Limited

Retail Points: 

  • Kornhill Branch, The Commercial Press
  • Causeway Bay Book Centre, The Commercial Press
  • Jordan Book Plaza, The Commercial Press
  • Tsimshatsui Book Centre, The Commercial Press
  • Shatin Book Plaza (Hilton Plaza), The Commercial Press
  • University Bookstore, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, The Commercial Press
  • Yau Ma Tei Branch, Chung Hua Book Co.
  • Moko Branch, Prologue
  • Whampoa, Poplular Book Company
  • Tai Po Mega Mall, Poplular Book Company
  • MegaBox, Poplular Book Company
  • Tuen Mun Town Plaza, Poplular Book Company
  • Citywalk, Poplular Book Company
  • Temple Mall South, Poplular Book Company
  • Olympian City, Poplular Book Company
  • Lok Fu Place, Poplular Book Company
  • Fortune City One, Poplular Book Company
  • Pioneer Centre, Poplular Book Company
  • Domain, Poplular Book Company
  • Island Resort Mall, Poplular Book Company
  • Lek Yuen Plaza, Poplular Book Company
  • Tuen Mun Town Plaza, Poplular Book Company
  • Yoho Mall I, Poplular Book Company

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