Open Call for Proposals: Creative Placemaking for Design District Hong Kong (#ddHK) at Sham Shui Po 2020/21

Open Call for Proposals: Creative Placemaking for Design District Hong Kong (#ddHK) at Sham Shui Po 2020/21

Design District Hong Kong (#ddHK) is a creative tourism project that aims to enrich the daily experience of locals and tourists with a fresh take on local history and creativity.

#ddHK Creative Placemaking Project at Sham Shui Po 2020/21

Under 2020/21 yearly theme “trans-Form”, we are now calling for proposal to appoint creative placemaking Partner(s) to carry out the assignment of community engagement, programme curate and development, design and fabrication, for the implementation of the creative placemaking project at Sham Shui Po.

Aiming to co-create with stakeholders in Sham Shui Po through research, community engagement programme and design to enhance its uniqueness as to embark on a new journey with Sham Shui Po. Focusing on activating different types of public spaces in the district to implement creative placemaking ideas. Not only to support art & design on streets, but more importantly, to improve neighbourhood through site-specific design interventions like mural / art on streets, installations, temporary street furniture, low-cost designs etc., in a site specific expression and the identification of the district.

In addition, creative programme such as workshop, exhibition, education programme, docent tour or other public engagement activities to activate the public space and connect with the communities are expected as a complementary part of the creative placemaking project.

Details of the project and open call application and submission requirements can be downloaded at: English version or Chinese version.

Deadline for  Submission:  23 June 2020 ( Tuesday at 5pm

Briefing Session:  11  June  2020 (Thursday)  at 10am

*Interested parties shall click HERE to attend the briefing before 9 June 2020 (Tuesday) at 5pm.

Activity information

Who can participate? 

Individual Applicant

- Resident of HKSAR

- Aged 18 or above

- Designers, Curators, Architects, Urban Designers, Mural Artist, Art Agency , Art Educators, Public space specialists, Cultural specialist or in related professions

Legal Entity

- Legal organisation, group, association or business based in Hong Kong

- Hong Kong registered with effective Business Registration/ or with equivalent certificate and document/ or with office bearers/ or with legal representatives

Selection Process

Interested parties shall submit Application (Form A1, Form A2, Form B, Form C and Form D) as specified in submission requirements to HKDC office by 5pm on 23 June 2020 (Tuesday). A Jury panel will conduct a vetting meeting to select creative placemaking partner(s). The successful tenderer(s) will receive an email notification issued by the HKDC.

HKDC shall have no obligations whatsoever to accept the proposal with lowest price or to accept more than one proposal or to accept any proposal at all.

Assessment Criteria

Curatorial Direction in response to #ddHK project aims & annual theme
Content & Collaborators line-up
Creative Portfolio/ Past Experience & Team Structure
Budget Allocation

Keydate (Tentative)

9 June 2020
By 5pm
Reply for attending the briefing session
11 June 2020
Briefing session
23 June 2020
by 5pm
Submission deadline of Application
29 June 2020
Vetting meeting*
By 6 July 2020 (TBC)
Announcement of successful tenderer(s) (Via email notification)
Mid July 2020 (TBC)
Submission of final proposal (Successful tenderer(s) only)
August 2020
Planning, partners engagement, production & execution
Mid September 2020
Starts deliverables according to agreed plan
Mid October 2020
Start production
March 2021
Reinstatement, where applicable
April 2021
Completion of project and report submission

*Please note that the vetting meeting will be conducted on 29 June afternoon, shortlisted interested parties may be invited to present their proposal via online video call. Notification with details will be sent on 26 June via email to the contact email address in their Application Form.

The above is only brief information of the Invitation for Open Call for Proposals, for details of the project and content of the Open Call and required submission documents, please download the full package of English version or Chinese version.

For further enquiry, please contact Mr. George Tsang at <> / +852 3793 8466