【Art, Design and Beyond】Exhibition by DMatters

【Art, Design and Beyond】Exhibition by DMatters

Architects make art, and artists make space; product designers value history and environmental designers concern aesthetic. Is it a trend or just being nostalgic? Founded a century ago in view of industrial mass production, the Bauhaus advocated an integration of fine and applied arts and redefined the relationship among art, design and industrial manufacturing techniques. The Bauhaus Movement has become so influential in various design disciplines across architecture, furniture, homeware, graphics, etc.

In the 21st century, artistic creativity transcends the study of material and fabrication. In this exhibition, we have invited whom we normally regarded as architect, product designer, environmental designer and artist, to present their works somewhat visually artsy and somewhat design-ish. Each work intertwines with disciplines in a broad sense such as historical artifact, landscape and cityscape, humanistic qualities and ready-made objects. Does it serve a particular function to be regarded as a design object? Or is it an oeuvre of art or somewhere in between? In pursuit of an answer, we raised this question to the creators: How did it come from - a design brief or a creative urge? Let’s figure it out.

Participating designers for the exhibition:
Sam Fu
LAAB Architects
KACAMA Design Lab
Chung Wai Ian @MUDwork
Ng Ka Chun @MUDwork

About DMatters
What “D” matters? Design. Desire. Dynamics. Dialogue.
 DMatters, driven by curiosity, resilience and common sense, is a platform to foster interactions among business and design communities and the public to cultivate a good design culture. The programming in various formats like exhibition, salon and publication would help to foster wider and strategic use of design and to promote good design for economic wealth and societal wellbeing.

Activity information

Date: 24 March -17 May 2018 (closed to public on 27 April)
Time: 12:00-19:00 (Friday to Tuesday); 13:00-20:00 (Wednesday to Thursday)
Venue: HKDC Studio (S603, PMQ, 35 Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong)